GovDelivery Chosen as Cloud Computing Supplier for UK

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – GovDelivery announced today that they have been accepted into the UK Government’s G-Cloud programme and will be listed in the G-Cloud catalogue.

The government first proposed the G-Cloud initiative to bring a wider range of suppliers to the public sector market while increasing the flexibility of procurement contracts. The programme aims to create an online system that public sector organisations can use to find services and supplies without the restriction of lengthy contracts and complex procurement.

GovDelivery will be listed in the Software-as-a-Service category. As an international leader in government-to-citizen communication solutions, GovDelivery currently serves more than 500 government organisations, including dozens of central government agencies and local authorities in the UK.

GovDelivery will be offering targeted multi-channel communication solutions, Digital Communication Management and Transactional Messaging Services, designed specifically for the public sector, as part of the G-Cloud catalogue.

“The publishing of the G-Cloud catalogue provides government the power to transform the way they are procuring a vast number of innovative services,” said Dave Worsell, Director of Government Solutions, GovDelivery UK. “At a time when government is pressured to manage with lower budgets, while at the same time, increasing electronic service provision and delivering higher citizen satisfaction, cloud computing is an essential part of the solution. GovDelivery has always provided cloud-based government communication solutions, so we know just how impactful leveraging solutions in the cloud can be.”

“We’re privileged to be included in the G-Cloud catalogue as a recognized supplier of government-focused cloud solutions,” said Scott Burns, CEO and co-Founder of GovDelivery. “We do believe that government can increase efficiency and decrease IT costs simultaneously by utilising cloud computing, and GovDelivery has hundreds of clients who are doing just that, including dozens in the UK and across Europe.”

About GovDelivery

GovDelivery, the leading provider of government-to-citizen communication solutions, helps government maximise direct connections with the public while reducing communications cost. More than 500 government organisations worldwide, including more than half of major U.S. federal agencies, as well as state, county, and city governments in the U.S., and local authorities and central government agencies in the United Kingdom, use GovDelivery to optimize their effectiveness, efficiency, and engagement in communications with the public.

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