Grand Theft Auto 5 TU 1.07 Details

Grand Theft Auto 5 TU 1.07 Details(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Grand Theft Auto 5 TU 1.07 was released on Wednesday, and features many new improvements to the game, including fixed issues regarding grenades, sticky bomb, and other weapons.

Here are some of the few features that are changed in the new update:

  • Players can now sell vehicles that they have purchased from websites
  • Players are now able to run into apartments and garages
  • Sticky bombs can no longer be thrown during the countdown for the starts of races
  • Corrected issues with Bounties
  • New icons added for differing types of personal vehicles
  • Rewards for being a good sport has been increased from $1,000 to 2,000
  • Corrected an issue where players could make their vehicles and passengers invisible
  • The Karin Futo can now be recovered normally after being impounded
  • Respawning has been improved to reduce the chance of repeatedly spawning in the same location

A full list of updates can be found on Rockstar’s website.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Story Mode Updates are expected to be released in 2014 along with GTA Online Heists.