Grand Theft Website

It is a big bad scary world when it comes to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and website hosting.  On today’s podcast I will be discussing with you in detail what the DMCA is, what it means for web hosts out there, and what you should do if your own content has been ripped from your website.  The Web Hosting Show is on the air.

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So how does web hosting, the DMCA and copyright protection all mash up and what do you need to know?  I am glad you asked:

Here is a summary of the topics we are covering this week:

Web Hosts and the DMCA

What is the DMCA and how does it pertain to web hosts?  I will go into detail about how parts of this law do have to do with web hosting, and how that might effect us all.  Also, learn what each web hosts needs to ask for before a DMCA claim will even be looked into.

How to Handle Website Content Theft

So, you have somebody stealing your articles, photos, artwork or something else.  How can you use the DMCA and the US copyright laws to your advantage?  I will let you know.  Also, learn how and what you should do when your confronting those who have stolen your content for the best results.

Hope this week’s podcast comes in handy in your own copyright battles, or to help you better understand how the DMCA, copyright theft and website hosting all meshes together.