Groups Pressure Microsoft Over Skype Disclosures

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Tech giant Microsoft is receiving some pressure regarding popular messaging service Skype. According to a BBC report from Friday, a coalition of groups has united to ask the company to unveil more info regarding user data it processes and saves.

Among those are the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Reporters Without Borders.

“Microsoft has an ongoing commitment to collaborate with advocates, industry partners and 2,112 governments worldwide to develop solutions and promote effective public policies that help protect people’s online safety and privacy,” commented a Microsoft representative who signaled the company would consider the letter, the BBC reported.

So exactly what do privacy rights activists want Microsoft to reveal? User data requests by governments, details regarding what data is saved, the possibility for third parties to tap into conversations along with disclosure requests are all in the mix.

The move follows a July news story in which questions surfaced regarding whether the messaging platform could be used for wiretapping by Federal authorities.