Grovo Unleashes “History of the Internet” on Facebook Timeline

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – The go-to Internet education and online training platform Grovo unveiled a new Facebook Timeline fan page which boasts an ongoing history of the Internet dating back to 1536 when the first @ symbol was use by a Florentine merchant.  Grovo’s History of the Internet timeline gives its Facebook fans a comprehensive look at the early beginnings of the web and another destination for reliable, entertaining Internet education.

From the first email in 1971 and the standardization of TCP/IP in 1982 to the birth of Google in 1996, Facebook users can navigate Grovo’s Facebook Timeline page to learn more about Internet history. Paying homage to Spotify’s History of Music, Grovo’s new fan page is a tool that seeks to offer information and advice on the Internet over the last 70 years, and in the process connect dots in a much easier way: A Facebook Timeline that spans the centuries and pinpoints important dates, trends, events, site births and key releases across the entire world of Web.

“We wanted to create a destination where users can discover and learn about the history of the Internet in an easy to use, entertaining way,” said Jeff Fernandez, CEO and Co-Founder of Grovo.  “We hope web enthusiasts and every day consumers that might not know how Facebook has evolved into what it is today, will dive in and enjoy these amazing milestones as well as contribute to keep our Grovo Timeline evolving.”

The list is exhaustive, with a number of widely unheard-of Internet heroes included that are bound to please Web geeks everywhere. Relevant entries includes a link to Grovo courses, encouraging users to discover sites that they might not otherwise have found.

Jump anywhere along the timeline and school yourself on the year-by-year evolution of the Internet. What happened in 1976? Queen Elizabeth sent out her first email. What happened 28 years later? Google launches Gmail, Facebook is launched by some kid name Mark, and Merrian-Webster declares “blog” the Word of the Year.  It also marks the rise of technology, from the computer mouse by Douglas Engelbart in 1963 to Apple’s app store with the release of the Phone 3G in 2008.

Grovo will be adding a huge amount of historical Internet data in the coming weeks, as well as keeping users up to date regarding the latest Internet trends. Grovo will also encourage users to submit their own influential Internet histories, which will also aid in the evolution of the ‘History of the Internet Timeline.

About Grovo: is an Internet Education and training platform that helps people better use web and mobile apps with short-form video courses. The company aims to be a trusted source of real-time, high quality updates to the web and mobile products that consumers use.

Currently, Grovo’s library contains over 2,500 one-minute video lessons, each of which includes a multiple choice quiz, time-synced transcript, download-able PDF, and glossary terms. Grovo courses typically contain 10-50 video lessons; we currently cover >100 unique web/mobile products and strategies to use them best.  The majority of consumer coursework can be watched for free. Grovo also offers more advanced premium courses for businesses at a low monthly subscription.

Grovo was founded in 2010, and has grown to almost 50,000 members hailing from 145 countries in six continents and includes Fortune 500 paying customers, K-12 school districts, and leading universities like Harvard, Stanford, and CalTech. A privately held company headquartered in New York City, Grovo raised nearly $5 million in venture financing from some of Silicon Valley’s most prestigious investors.

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