Hackathon Event Scheduled For Google Glass

Hackathon Event Scheduled For Google Glass

Source: Google

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – The next phase of the much anticipated Google Glass is finally on its way. Google is allowing developers to test the long awaited Glassware Development Kit at its two-day hackathon event.

According to Google’s invite, the event will take place at Google’s basecamp in San Francisco on November 19th and 20th.  Space is limited, so it may be hard for developers to reserve a spot at the event. “Not to worry if you don’t live near San Francisco. The announcement will be recorded and we’ll share the video after the event” Google’s invite states.

This is the third hackathon event Google has thrown for developers, according to CNET.  There is no confirmed date yet on when Google Glass is expected to be on the market for the general public.