Hackers Accessed Gmail Accounts

(Ping! Zine) – Chinese-based hackers accessed Google Gmail accounts by using a phishing scam to gain access to user passwords, this according to Google.

The attack originated from the Chinese city of Jina.

The extent of the security breach was so large that even accounts belonging to U.S. officials in the government and military were targeted.

Besides targeting U.S. accounts, the attack also was compromised of accounts belonging to Chinese political activists and journalists.

Hacking attempts on Google have originated from China in the past. Just last year, Google blamed Chinese hackers for a compromise of its network. That attack also originated from Jina, where China’s Lanxiag Vocational School is located. Computer scientists are trained at the school for the country’s military.

While the news just broke, the actual attack occurred sometime last week. The FBI is involved in the investigation.