Hackers Bypass Apple’s iOS Activation Lock Feature

Hackers Bypass Apple's iOS Activation Lock Feature(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – A pair of hackers have reportedly found a way to gain access into iPhones and iPads through the “Activation Lock” feature introduced in iOS7.

The hackers, AquaXetine and MerrukTechnolog, bypassed the anti-theft feature by “inserting their own computer in the middle of the connection between a locked iPhone and Apple’s servers,” says a report from TomsGuide. This tricks the iPhone or iPad into thinking it is connected to an Apple server, which then accepts the command to unlock itself.

In March the duo notified Apple of this issue though the tech giant did not acknowledge their claims until recently.

“They asked me to contact [them] as quickly as possible, but why now?” said AquaXetine to Cult of Mac. “I’ve already warned Apple couple months ago.”

Apple’s Activation Lock feature, also known as a “Kill Switch” allows users to remotely wipe their device of all personal information or put it in Lost Mode if lost or stolen.