Hackers Down Pakistani Versions of Google, Yahoo

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Hackers reportedly found a flaw in Pakistan’s native domain name system, allowing top websites to be redirected to a defaced landing page.

According to a report from propakistani.com, the affected domains featured TLDs including .org.pk, .com.pk, and .pk.

The site redirections displayed an image reading “Pakistan Downed” under an image of two penguins crossing a boardwalk.

Pakistani-based Hacker Group detailed the incident to Pro Pakistani, noting several big flaws in PKNIC which administers the country’s domains. Problems included cross site scripting, SQL injections and “sensitive directory disclosure.”

How big was the issue? It supposedly hit 285 sites including Pakistani versions of Google, Yahoo! and eBay.

The news follows a report earlier this month which detailed an attack against Israel-based domains during the recent conflict involving Hamas.