Hackers Hit SonyPictures.com

(Ping! Zine) – After recently scrambling to restore online services to various sites across the globe and dealing with the restore of its PlayStation Network, Sony is facing further hacking attacks.

On Thursday, hacker group LulzSec took responsibility for hacking SonyPictures.com and gaining access to nearly a million users’ information by accessing the site’s databases. Such information of registered users on the site included dates of birth, phone numbers, user names and passwords.

Among other things, the hackers succeeded in taking millions of music coupons as well.

The particular method used by the hackers was SQL injection and LulzSec said Sony had left the information unencrypted on its servers, thus making the attack easy.

Just last week, LulzSec gained access to PBS’s site, compromising server information and posting a fake news story.