Hackers Post Sony Employees Medical Records Online

Hackers Post Sony Employees Medical Records Online(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – The attacks against Sony continue, with the latest incident concerning private information about Sony employees.

Bloomberg reports that more than three-dozen employees had “detailed and identifiable health information” released about their children, spouses, and themselves.

One leaked document revealed information about an employee’s child with special needs such as the type of treatment implemented, while another contained birth dates, medical costs, gender, and medical conditions such as premature births, cancer, heart disorders, and other various diseases.

The group of hackers, known as Guardians of Peace, first started their tirade in late November, shutting down Sony’s network system and leaking five major movies online.

Most recently Sony employees have received threatening emails, one on December 5th and another this week.

Sony announced in a statement that authorities had been contacted after GoP threatened employees and their families.