Hackers Take Advantage of MSN Messenger’s Demise

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Following Microsoft’s announcement that it will shut down its Messenger platform in preference for Skype, hackers are reportedly taking note.

Kaspersky Lab Expert Fabio Assolini on Tuesday said that the installer for MSN Messenger is becoming harder to find, considering the platform’s eventual demise – thus leading hackers to disguise malicious attacks as the real thing.

“As we approach April 8, the day chosen by Microsoft to permanently shutdown the service (April 30th in Brazil), we advise all users to avoid looking for the MSN installer and migrate their account(s) to Skype. And the sooner the better to avoid becoming victims of attacks like this,” Assolini stated.

The security expert also pointed out that malicious link appears via Google (in Brazil) search when looking up the term “msn messenger.”

To accomplish the feat, hackers are specifically using things like sponsored links and domain registrations.