Hackers Track Mouse Movements with Website Ads

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Security firm Sophos reported on Wednesday that researches had discovered a vulnerability in Microsoft’s Interner Explorer allowing hackers to track user mouse movements.

“The vulnerability is particularly worrisome given that it thwarts the use of virtual keyboards and virtal keypads, which are used as a defence against keyloggers,” stated Sophos in a blog post.

The issue was discovered by spider.io and while acknowledged by Microsoft – an immediate fix is not in the works.

Vulnerable are IE versions 6 through 10. Meanwhile, the attack is possible via purchasing ad space on websites. “”This is not restricted to lowbrow porn and file-sharing sites. Through today’s ad exchanges, any site from YouTube to the New York Times is a possible attack vector,” stated spider.ie, according to the Sophos blog.

The effect of the bug appears rather troublesome as the issue is already affecting numerous web impressions.