Hackers Use Seductive Nurse Image to Spread Malware

A female posing as a nurse

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – An image of an email featuring a seductive nurse is causing some malware problems. Included among photos of a model are two malicious files, one containing a trojan virus, according to Wednesday report from security company Sophos.

“if you want sex pictrue!” proclaims the title of the provocatively styled email featuring Japanese model Sakura Shiratori donning the outfit.

The firm noted that the infection makes use of a Windows vulnerability known as “CVE-2012-0158,” and most recently the sexy nurse tactic was used against a defense contractor. “Victims have not been limited to defence companies, but have also included government departments, charities and recruitment agencies,” commented Sophos via its Naked Security blog.

To be clear, its unlikely that the virus operators had the model’s consent to use her image in the emails.

Microsoft previously worked to patch the Windows-based vulnerability via a critical update in April. At the time, the company said the flaw “could allow remote code execution if a user visits a website containing specially crafted content designed to exploit the vulnerability.”