Halo 5 Coming To XBox One in November 2014?

Halo 5 Coming To XBox One in November 2014?(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – One of the most talked about games of 2014 is the next installment in the science fiction franchise, Halo.

At the E3trade event this year, 323 studios announced that a “Halo FFPS” would be released in 2014, followed by a two minute teaser trailer.

Although 323 did not officially title the game as Halo 5, many believe that this could be the newest installment in the series.

Also, a pre-order description for the new game can be found in the Microsoft Store website. Exclusively sold for the Xbox One, the game is priced for $59.99.

CNEt reported that Halo will be cloud-based, which will require constant internet access but will allow users to experience bigger worlds and battles due to the hardware in the new console.

While there is hardly any information about the game other than the teaser trailer, it’s still enough to leave fans excited about this new installment in the series.