Happy Global Backup Day! Are You Celebrating?

By Kelly Meeneghan Peters, Manager, 1&1 Internet, Inc. (www.1and1.com)

Happy Global Backup Day!

Today we are reminded of how important it is to ensure all data is safely backed up and that, as IT professionals, we are providing consumers with the tools needed to do so. No matter if it is photos, configurations, scripts, databases or Web content, all important information on a server should be stored in more than one location.

It is not uncommon for Web professionals to experience accidental deletions or unexpected interruptions of their Web projects. Encouraging them to take the pledge for Global Backup Day will better prepare them against potential data loss frustration.

1&1 Internet is one of the Web hosting providers offering backup solutions to its customers. Specifically for those operating on a 1&1 Dynamic Cloud or unmanaged Dedicated Server, the company offers a feature called FTP Backup Storage. This storage space is located on a separate server and can be accessed via FTP to set up automatic backups. Furthermore, 1&1 Managed Server customers have an automatic backup created and maintained by 1&1 for seven days while Virtual Private Server customers have it for 7-14 days.

Those operating on Windows and Linux systems can also take advantage of 1&1’s Professional Backup tool. This option, which can be configured by the customer, creates a single interface for maintaining backups.  Furthermore, all communication between the server and backup storage is secured by private key encryption. By selecting a personal password, only the administrator will have access to the encrypted data.

While providing customers with tools to accomplish proper backup, 1&1 also advises Web professionals to ensure the backup is conducted on an external server, not local. By testing and checking the backup at least once per month, users can confirm that the data is readable, from the right time period, can be unpacked if it is packed, the right size, and complete.

As we all celebrate Global Backup Day, we are reminded of the importance of securing copies of important files and data. As we rely more heavily on technology, the need for regular backups becomes more and more prominent. Omitting this critical maintenance process can be detrimental to the success of any Web project.

BIO: Kelly Meeneghan Peters is a manager for 1&1 Internet, Inc. (www.1and1.com), a global leader among Web hosts. The company provides businesses with the tools necessary to be successful online while staying safe. For more information on how to thrive online, visit blog.1and1.com.