Happy World IPv6 Day!

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Today marks the deployment of IPv6 across servers by over 400 companies that are participating in testing the new IP address platform.

The overhaul comes as room for IP addresses on the IPv4 platform runs out. Aside from simply deploying IPv6 today, companies are mainly using the day to catch any possible issues that may still need to be resolved with IPv6.

Although most people aren’t expected to notice a change, the testing could have a slowing effect for some users trying to access certain internet sites.

The people who may have the most trouble accessing sites are those who have poorly configured and/or outdated hardware.

According to tech site CNET, search engine Yahoo expects that a very small percentage (0.05%) of visitors trying to access newly deployed IPv6 data on Yahoo’s site will experience slow load times.

Major sites including YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo, and Google are also participating in today’s IPv6 testing.