Hasselblad Nixes Iconic V System Cameras Used in Moon Landing

Source: Hasselblad

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) –All great things must come to an end, right? On Monday, camera manufacturer Hasselblad announced it’d stop production of its V System cameras – an iconic line first launched in 1957.

A V System Hasselblad camera was famously used to capture Buzz Aldrin’s landing on the moon in 1967 (ABC News recently highlighted those photos here).

But with today’s suggested retail price of $3,460.00 for the latest V System model (the 503CW), it should come as no surprise that the desire for the camera line has slowed down.

Marking the announcement in a press release, Hasselblad CEO Dr. Larry Hansen cited a “substantial decline in demand for this camera over the past five years or so.”

The company will instead focus on pushing its H System line – something it describes as “world’s most advanced camera system.”

Hasselblad will continue accessory support for the V System as long as it has supplies in stock.