Hexagrid and LMD Launch Indonesia’s Largest On-Demand Cloud Offering

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Lintas Media Danawa (LMD), a subsidiary of Lintasarta, announces the launch of Indonesia’s largest on-demand public cloud offering, Cozy. By leveraging the application expertise of LMD, the IaaS Cloud Computing platform expertise of Hexagrid Computing, and the vast datacenter and network expertise of Lintasarta, LMD’s new cloud services will give customers access to a full line of unparalleled cloud based solutions. In addition to offering the largest on-demand public cloud in Indonesia, LMD’s trifecta of cloud services will also include private-hosted clouds and a wholesale-centric cloud. This three pronged approach ensures that LMD can deliver cloud services for a diversity of market needs.

“As a well-respected leader in the data center services industry, LMD and Lintasarta consistently deliver leading edge solutions to our customers and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud services parallel our companies’ objectives,” according to GIDION SURANTA BARUS, Business Development General Manager of Lintasarta.

LMD has already experienced significant demand for its on-demand cloud, as it provides customers quick and easy access to real-time infrastructure resources with pay-as-you-go pricing. Customers only pay for what they use. On-demand cloud services suit companies that need expanded computing resources on a temporary basis, such as peek data processing times at the end of the month. Customers simply order resources online based on their needs, and within minutes the resource are allocated and ready to use.

“Customers pay an hourly usage rate based on how much CPU, Memory, and Storage resources are used during that timeframe—if a server is used only for 1 hour, then the customer only pays for that resource for that time. Thus, firms can adjust usage as-needed to reduce IT expenses and eliminate resource planning hassles,” said Arief R. Yulianto, Director of LMD. “These cloud services can be compared to that of Amazon EC2, the largest cloud provider in the world today, but key differentiators are derived from our extensive service capabilities and a platform that offers more user-friendly functionality.

LMD cloud solutions are designed to deliver IT cost efficiencies without sacrificing quality and performance. This is why LMD selected Hexagrid Computing as a cloud delivery partner. Hexagrid’s VxDatacenter platform enables organizations ranging from small businesses to large distributed enterprises to have complete control of their own cloud resources without needing to worry about the complexities and costs associated with managing physical infrastructure. The platform’s inherent high availability and informative, easy-to-use dashboard eliminates all the old costly complicated ways of managing and provisioning IT infrastructure.

“We are excited to support LMD’s delivery of high-value cloud computing solutions,” says Suresh Mandava, CEO and Founder of Hexagrid. “Our partnership is deeply rooted in the development and delivery of cloud solutions that addresses customer needs for functional and cost effective IT resources. LMD’s solid reputation in the data center services industry combined with a full portfolio of reliable cloud solutions provides a strong foundation for the company to flourish as the leading cloud provider in the Indonesian market.”