Hexagrid Announces Service Provider Adoption Program

(Ping! Zine) – Hexagrid Computing (www.hexagrid.com), the leading developer of IaaS cloud computing solutions, today announced its new Service Provider Adoption Program. The Hexagrid Service Provider Adoption Program leverages Hexagrid’s VxDatacenter SPE to provide service providers all the tools needed to rapidly deploy and start offering IaaS cloud computing services to their customers in as little as four hours.

The current problem with the cloud management market is the perceived notion that only large organizations can afford to setup and start offering IaaS cloud computing services to their end users. Unfortunately, this myth has been perpetuated by many of the large incumbent software providers. They stand to lose their current dominance when IaaS cloud computing delivers its promise of turning computing resources into a true commodity. Hexagrid’s Service Provider Adoption Program breaks this misconception by showing how easy and inexpensive it is to deliver unlimited computing resources. To ensure that adoption of IaaS cloud computing is as painless as possible for service providers, Hexagrid delivers cloud computing resources at your fingertips. Service providers can start realizing the power they have when theyput all their efforts on improving the applications end users actually interact with.
“While the IaaS cloud computing market has certainly seen a lot of hype over the past year, we have found that many service providers remain confused by all the cloud washing of the many vendors claiming to offer more than they can deliver”, said Suresh Mandava, CEO and Founder of Hexagrid Computing. “Our Service Provider Adoption Program is designed to combat this confusion and offers service providers an easy low cost way to start IaaS cloud computing services with minimal adoption risk. Most importantly, the program is designed to help facilitate the adoption of IaaS cloud computing for end users looking to leverage the many benefits of the larger IaaS public clouds. Now they can leverage the expertise of the service providers they already know and trust.”

With Hexagrid’s VxDatacenter platform, enterprises can implement a secure private cloud and service providers can rapidly deploy and monetize multi-tenant branded IaaS cloud computing services., VxDatacenter’s holistic approach to IaaS cloud computing enables not only the provisioning of virtual machines, but end-to-end computing resource management of all the essential computing components. All this delivered in a fashion that helps facilitate innovation within organizations. VxDatacenter features true multi-tenant/multi-tiered organizational anywhere access, comprehensive audit logs and usage reporting, complex network topology, self-provisioning, and most importantly can be deployed and scaled in minimal time.

Hexagrid will be showcasing its solution at the 7th International Cloud Expo 2010, in booth 218. The Cloud Expo runs November 1st through November 4th in Santa Clara, California.

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