Hexagrid Execs Named “IaaS Thought Leaders”

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Hexagrid, a leading developer of Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud computing solutions, announced today that Compare the Cloud, a leading independent cloud comparison provider, named Suresh Mandava and Dave Rokita as premier thought leaders in the worldwide Infrastructure as a Service field.  Compare the Cloud made this announcement with the launch of a new cloud computing comparison website which brings together information and evaluation resources about trusted cloud vendors to ensure that customers find the right cloud solutions for the right price.

“Compare the Cloud is delighted to welcome aboard David Rokita and Suresh Mandava of Hexagrid as esteemed thought leaders in the field of Infrastructure-as-a-Service,” says Luke Wheeler, Chairman of Compare the Cloud.  “Hexagrid is at the leading edge of cloud computing, firmly establishing itself as one of the most innovative and exciting operators in this sector.  As part of Hexagrid’s close involvement with Compare the Cloud.net, we look forward to expert commentary and advice for all our readers and business technology customers in the cloud computing sector.”

Compare the Cloud offers an independent comparison of cloud computing services and solutions to assist companies in evaluating cloud computing alternatives.  Using a free web-based cloud computing tool, Compare the Cloud customers complete a simple form to receive a report of cloud services and solutions specifically suited to their business situation.  The tool does not assume that cloud computing is a good fit for every business, so companies in earlier stages of the evaluation process can be assured that the Compare the Cloud report they receive is uniquely matched to their company taking into consideration the cloud computing services and solutions on the market today.

“Daniel Thomas and his team at Compare the Cloud have a solid reputation for evaluating complex IT solutions and efficiently delivering simple, applicable information to their customers,” says Dave Rokita, VP of Technology Operations at Hexagrid Computing.  “We are honored that the Compare the Cloud Team found some of our blogs, evaluated our technology, and appreciates our forward-thinking point of view within the cloud computing industry.  We are pleased to provide information and blog content that will support Compare the Cloud’s efforts in advising the broader UK and worldwide business community about the many options available in cloud computing.”

About Compare the Cloud

Comparethecloud.net is one of the most comprehensive cloud computing comparison services in the UK, committed to finding you the right solutions at the best price, and dedicated to saving you time and money without locking you into one vendor. We aim to continually evolve our cloud products and service offerings, so we’re always at the forefront of the cloud comparison industry, helping you make an informed choice. To ensure that our customers find the right cloud services at the right price, we work with a range of trusted providers and internet service providers to provide a real breadth of coverage across the marketplace.  For more information about compare the cloud, please visit www.comparethecloud.net.

About Hexagrid Computing

As a leading developer of IT infrastructure software solutions, Hexagrid developed the first cloud computing platform that directly aligns with the real-world IT delivery models of both solution providers and enterprises. Hexagrid provides all the software and support that IT organizations need to successfully build public, private, or hybrid clouds that fit their specific business and end-user requirements. Hexagrid cloud solutions truly simplify and expedite virtual IT management, empowering successful cloud computing strategies that quickly increase profits by pooling resources, delivering control, and building value. Our Software, Your Cloud.  For more information, visit www.hexagrid.com and follow @Hexagrid on Twitter.