Hexagrid Partners with e-Convergence

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Hexagrid, a leading developer of cloud enablement solutions, announces a new distribution partner, e-Convergence Solutions, a specialized distributor of non-commodity technology solutions for the reseller community.

As a value added distributor of Hexagrid’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform, e-Convergence offers its reseller customers a cloud computing opportunity that addresses their concerns about security, ROI, time-to-market, speed, functionality, branding and ease of management.  “When selecting a vendor partner, we looked for a company that addressed the concerns of the VAR community while delivering the clearest technology advantages,” says Joe Heinzen, CEO of e-Convergence Solutions.  “After completing our review, e-Convergence felt that Hexagrid’s VxDatacenter platform was the best fit for the reseller community.”

Hexagrid’s IaaS platform, VxDatacenter, was developed on the premise that Value Added Resellers (VARs) are a critical link in the chain that delivers trusted and personalized cloud capabilities to end-users.  “Hexagrid has made a huge investment in understanding how existing channel relationships should manifest themselves in cloud, and by doing so, developed the first cloud enabling platform directly aligned with real-world IT delivery models” says Dave Rokita, VP of Technology Operations at Hexagrid.  “In most IaaS delivery models, it’s the cloud platform that defines channel relationships with typically flat hierarchies that fail to address complex supply chains connecting service providers, resellers, and end-users.” 

Unlike most ‘flat’ cloud hierarchies, VxDatacenter supports resellers in building and offering self-branded, differentiated IaaS solutions to their end customers.  V3Cloud, the reseller centric cloud, is the hosted version of Hexagrid’s VxDatacenter solution that delivers these same advantages without the hardware and datacenter requirements.  As a distribution partner, e-Convergence delivers these opportunities to its reseller customers, but also takes advantage of VxDatacenter’s AppMarket capabilities to more easily sell the other products that they distribute.  “Ultimately, this partnership is about offering VARs a way to quickly sell and promote value-added IT infrastructure services without needing to worry about normal barriers to entry such as the need for physical hardware resources and the time it takes to implement POC environments,” says Joe Seibel, CFA, CFO and VP of Strategic Development at Hexagrid.  V3Cloud is a hosted VxDatacenter solution specifically for resellers.

According to Heinzen, “e-Convergence only carries solutions that allow us to add value for our vendor partners and our customers – the resellers.  We provide solutions that solve business problems and our VARs appreciate that about our vendor portfolio.  We do not sell “me-to” solutions.  We take care to find the best technology and channel focus from our vendors and then promote these solutions to our customers.  Our reputation is on the line with every recommendation… Hexagrid is a no risk solution for us.  They enable our resellers to serve their customers as only they know how to and allows them to manage their profitability at the same time.”