Hired Iranian Hackers Target Airlines and Government Organizations

Hired Iranian Hackers Target Airlines and Government Organizations(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) –  A group of Iranian hackers have reportedly compromised more than 50 different companies and government organizations computer systems for the last two years, reports Reuters.

Cyber security firm Cylance noted that companies such as airports and airlines, energy firms, universities, hospitals, telecommunications firms, and defense contractors have fallen victim to attacks by the cyber criminals.

According to PCWorld, information stolen through the hacks include research data, student information, pictures, passports, and “sensitive information that could allow them or affiliated organizations to sabotage industrial control systems.”

In a statement to the United Nations, Iran spokesman Hamid Babaei called Cylance’s allegations “baseless.”

“This is a baseless and unfounded allegation fabricated to tarnish the Iranian government image, particularly aimed at hampering current nuclear talks,”

Though no specific company names were given, sources familiar with the matter claim that Calpine Corp., oil companies Saudi Aramco and Petroleos Mexicanos, Qatar Airlines and Korean Air were among the many companies targeted by the hackers.