Host Color Celebrates Towel Day

(Ping! Zine) – Host Color has announced that it celebrates Towel Day. The company published the results of a ‘special emergency check’. They showed that all members of its staff know where their towels are.

Host Color has also revealed that according to its recent roll-call 99.99% of the site owners from different planets and species who host their websites at the company’s data centers on Earth have said they are happy and never panic because the web host always manages to keep the downtime at less than 0.01%.

To mark the Towel Day Host Color released promotional code MYTOWEL. It provides 30% instant discount on all web hosting service plans hosted in company’s Hactar’s alike smart IT hosting infrastructure. Anyone who knows where his or her towel is welcomed to use the code MYTOWEL?

Host Color also said that it is pleased to offer a number of add-on ‘space services’ at the best possible prices in the whole Universe. The company’s ‘Essential SSL’ certificate for example is an universal security tool which protects hitch-hikers against 99.3% of the beasts which reside in the inhabitable parts of the Galaxy. It costs only $39 Altairian dollar per year.

The web host also said that all popular galactic domains can registered at only 9.95 Altairian dollars.

Happy Towel Day from Host Color!