Launches New Linux ColdFusion Hosting Service

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) –, a specialist in Adobe ColdFusion 9 web hosting and Microsoft ASP.NET web hosting, announced today a competitive new choice of Linux ColdFusion website hosting options. By offering customers and resellers this useful alternative to its popular Windows hosting services, is making it easier than ever to develop rich and exciting new web applications.

“We have been offering Windows ColdFusion hosting services for almost ten years, and have been an Adobe Solution Partner since 2009,” says Jon Cavanaugh, Director of Business Development at “Customers have joined and remained with because we truly understand ColdFusion website hosting and work to develop services for ColdFusion. As a result of our ongoing success in this area, we are proud to give our customers and hosting resellers the chance to customize their ColdFusion 9 hosting service with a choice of operating systems.”

ColdFusion Markup Language, or CFML, is a scripting language that uses simple, easily understandable syntax to handle data from a database, and ultimately to display this data to visitors in new and interesting ways. By using ColdFusion Markup Language on a ColdFusion server, developers can create and deploy dynamic, content-rich, and highly interactive web applications. Without the use of a scripting language with the power and versatility of CFML, developers can find their web presences overly static, lacking the true interactivity that defines the online experience. launched their range of Windows ColdFusion hosting services in 2002 and has since helped businesses and individuals worldwide to transform their online activity.

“ColdFusion hosting is a powerful, versatile way to develop web applications, whatever operating system it is offered on,” says Cavanaugh. “Our customers have proven just how vital a dependable, reliable ColdFusion server is in modern web development, and we have seen continued growth in this area of business in recent years. Our decision to launch Linux ColdFusion 9 services comes as a result of ongoing demand for the flexibility of ColdFusion on a Linux server with Linux-specific hosting features and cPanel included as standard.”

The ability of ColdFusion to deliver creative new web applications is consistent regardless of operating system, but it is outside of ColdFusion that the choice of Linux or Windows comes into play. While ColdFusion Windows hosting allows the use of alternative scripting languages such as Microsoft ASP.NET or classic ASP, developers who do not use these facilities may be better suited to a Linux plan. One specific example is the option to use cPanel, one of the most popular website control panels available, which is offered as standard on all Linux ColdFusion 9 hosting plans. This incredibly feature-rich control panel offers unrivalled control to users of Linux web hosting solutions. In addition, some ColdFusion developers may wish to use other common applications such as WordPress or osCommerce and, as a matter of preference, choose to do this on Linux.

“At the end of the day, this is a matter of taste,” says Cavanaugh. “Some people just prefer to work with Linux rather than Windows. Now, we are adding yet another customization option for every customer and every reseller. We have been consistently serious about our role in ColdFusion hosting and, with this new option to operate on Linux, we remain committed to offering the most competitive ColdFusion hosting services.

Since first offering ColdFusion hosting in 2002, has grown to become a distinguished figure in the ColdFusion web hosting industry. By adding a selection of ColdFusion 9 Linux hosting services to an already varied and popular choice of Windows ColdFusion plans, is now offering an incredibly varied service range that is sure to maintain customer satisfaction and encourage future growth.

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