HostGee.Com Now Supports JSP

(Ping! Zine) – Leading domain and Web hosting provider HostGee.Com announces that the company’s UNIX® hosting packages will now support JavaServer Pages. Also known as JSP, JavaServer Pages is an advanced, enterprise Web programming language that allows users to create Web site pages that display dynamically-generated content. The HostGee hosting package will support simplified, quick development of robust and scalable applications using JSP technology.

HostGee’ Web hosting team has already been making regular updates to maintain status as one of the Web’s premier hosting providers. In addition to the new JSP capabilities, other recent upgrades include adding support for a number of open source Web applications, including DotNetNuke®, WordPress® Blogs, and osCommerce.

“Remaining a leader in the Web hosting market we helped to pioneer is important to us,” said Shafiq Ur Rehman CEO/Founder of HostGee.Com, Inc. “Supporting JavaServer Pages allows us to continue to be of service to Web developers and other Web professionals who are looking for the latest and most advanced hosting capabilities.”

HostGee hosting packages remain fully customizable, allowing users to integrate Web sites with already existing software. This includes programs and languages as varied as CGI-Bin Directory, Ruby on Rails, PERL, Python, and Java Servlets. Cron job support allows users to schedule activities to run regularly and automatically as a specific date or time, making common system administrator commands easy to duplicate and automate.

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