Introduces Intersite Cross Connect Solution

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) –, the leading provider of cloud hosting and recovery services, today announced the availability of its Intersite Cross Connect(ICC) solution. developed the ICC solution to support customers with high volume or time-sensitive replication requirements and latency or jitter-sensitive applications.

For many companies, developing infrastructures to have zero downtime is both cost prohibitive and resource restricted; however, business continuity and disaster recovery solutions continue to be listed as one of the highest priorities by IT executives. ICC can help companies meet a critical component of their BCDR plans – reliable, private transport between servers and datacenters for continuity and failover purposes. When data moves between datacenters, ICC guarantees the data is secure, the connection is reliable, and the service is fast and scalable.

ICC is ideal for businesses with large-scale replication solutions, data migrations and backups, regulatory requirements, and latency sensitive applications. ICC is a necessity as businesses continue to virtualize and use computing resources in multiple geographic locations.

Gabe Grice, Product Manager, commented, “While it is possible to utilize a public internet connection between datacenter locations, the public internet is not as reliable or secure as a private connection. Mission-critical applications and regulated data and storage files should utilize private data transport to eliminate the availability and security risks of being on the public internet.”’s unique connectivity between geographically-dispersed datacenters and Cloud Super Sites has made it a destination for companies seeking datacenter interconnectivity and redundant cloud-based solutions. In addition, the ability to quickly scale redundant, always on solutions in as little as 48 hours recently drew a fast-growth, enterprise-lending SaaS provider to This company’s cloud solution is widely used by mortgage banks, lenders and service providers and utilizes the ICC service to connect their database servers between two Cloud Super Sites. The secure and reliable ICC solution guarantees they can quickly add new customers and that their customers can access their mission-critical SaaS application at all times.

Darrell Hyde, Director of Network Security and Engineering, added, “ICC is based on a feature called MPLS Circuit Cross Connect that is supported on our Juniper EX series switches. In essence, the Circuit Cross Connect emulates a traditional leased line service like a T1 or DS3 with a fraction of the provisioning time, and far more flexible capacity. Whereas traditional telco services can take 30-45 days for provisioning, can provision new ICC services and adjust capacity on existing ICC installations in as little as 48 hours.” recently released the 2011 Cloud Trends Report and Best Practices Report which indicated BCDR is driving explosive growth in cloud computing during the next 18 months. Download the Report to access valuable insight into the cloud marketplace – including consumer expectations of Cloud Computing, intended uses, obstacles, and expected timeframes for implementing cloud-based solutions.