Hosting Ireland Offers Clients R1Soft

(Ping! Zine) — Irish hosting company, Hosting Ireland announced today the availability of R1Soft Continuous Data Protection (CDP) for its VPS and Dedicated Server clients with Linux and Windows servers.

With R1Soft’s high-performance server backup software, clients will see server backup windows reduced from hours to minutes. R1Soft also offers the ability to archive backups on second hard drives or network storage (NAS). Other features include cPanel integration,the ability to exclude files and folders from CDP replication in the Data Protection Policy, and the fully portable and industrial-strength CDP 3 Disk Safe® technology.

“We are proud to introduce R1Soft Continuous Data Protection to our clients. Offering a robust backup solution strengthens Hosting Ireland’s dedicated server proposition as we strive to offer our clients exceptional hosting services,” said Jonathan Bate, Hosting Ireland Managing Director.

Dedicated and VPS clients can choose to purchase the CDP add-on which will give them scheduled backups created by Hosting Ireland starting at 20GB for €15 per month with options available up to 100GB with 12 CDP snapshots per day. Alternatively, clients can rent the R1Soft server backup software from Hosting Ireland for self-setup on their server to create regular backups to another server for €19.95 per month.

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