Hosting Ireland Launches Pay-As-You-Grow Cloud Servers

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Hosting Ireland, one of Ireland’s specialist cloud hosting companies, has now introduced Pay-As-You-Grow payment for its cloud computing platform in support of the growing demand for cloud hosting services.

Recently Hosting Ireland announced its adoption of the CA AppLogic platform and the launch of its Cloud Server hosting proposition.  A further enhancement now means customer can pay based upon their hourly demand for resources.

“The way businesses want to pay for hosting services is evolving, no longer are customers content to pay for resources that they may not use, and our research shows that more and more businesses want billing to reflect demand….” says Jonathan Bate, managing director, Hosting Ireland. “Our cloud platform enables us to calculate demand on a hourly and daily basis, and then bill accordingly, this is especially important for businesses that experience seasonal demand or who are in a start-up phase”.

Hosting Ireland’s cloud server customer can set and amend Processing Cores, Disk Space and RAM according to their requirements.  Where businesses experience seasonal spikes in usage resources can be managed by the customer directly to ensure optimal performance during peak usage periods and reduced costs at other times.  Customers are charged a €1.00 signup fee when ordering their cloud server and billing is calculated daily by the hour and invoices raised every month.  In addition there is no minimum contract period, so the server is only provisioned for as long as the customer requires it.

About Hosting Ireland

Hosting Ireland is one of Ireland’s leading domain name registrars and cloud hosting companies, delivering domain services and cloud computing solutions to businesses across Ireland and mainland Europe.  For more information visit: