Hosting Provider PEER 1 Unveils News Division

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Hosting provider Peer 1 has a new platform to handle its cloud services. On Monday, the company announced Zunicore, which encompasses a new division at PEER 1.

PEER 1 markets the Zunicore cloud service to business clients and the service itself makes use of the company’s FastFiber Network.

Commenting on the matter in a press release, Zunicore GM Greg Rusu stated, “Zunicore Cloud Hosting is built on the principle that a company should be able to focus on controlling its core business, rather than on its IT delivery vehicle.”

“Zunicore provides users with a pool of resources and easy to use tools that let users quickly and efficiently manage their cloud hosting business needs,” he continued.

Highlights summarized by the hosting provider included data reliability, scalability, and minimized downtime. Meanwhile, PEER 1 is offering users a thirty day trial of the Zunicore platform.

For more information on the mater, view a press release by PEER 1 at: