HostingArmor Releases Free Security Scanner

(Ping! Zine) –, a website security scanning service provider, today announced the release of the free version of its plug and play website security scanner – a first for the hosting industry. Launched in August, the service provides automated server scanning for approximately 30,000 different vulnerabilities. It is based on the Nessus scanning engine – the gold standard for network security scanning.

The service is designed to be easy enough for novice website owners to use, while providing the technical data necessary to identify any security holes in a web server. Traditional server scanning has, in the past, involved very technical installations and required that business owners either become security experts or fork over thousands of dollars to maintain their own security.

HostingArmor was designed from the ground up to bring the same level of technical detail to a broader audience by making server security scanning easy to use. Unlike traditional scanners, HostingArmor’s service requires no installation. Site owners simply add their “scan targets,” or sites they wish to scan, to their account and can begin scanning. Customers receive automated reports on vulnerabilities, including threat levels and reporting tools to help resolve security issues.

“HostingArmor Free is a great way for website owners to try out the application and learn about website security. Users have access to the fully featured, ad-supported product, as well as exclusive whitepapers on improving website security,” said Josh Ewin, Director of Marketing. “Our hope is that by offering the industry’s only free ready-made website scanning solution, we’re able to bring website security to the forefront of the website owner’s mind.”

The HostingArmor team is releasing a beta-version of its cPanel plugin scanning system at the end of the month. Interested parties are asked to contact HostingArmor directly to see if they qualify for beta testing the new product.

About HostingArmor
HostingArmor is a privately held website security scanning company. The company was founded in 2006 by professionals from the Web hosting industry who saw and understood the problem caused by a broad absence of adequate security and security information across most websites. HostingArmor was created as an easy way for both network engineers and executives to understand the security status of high-volume e-commerce websites quickly and accurately.

Using HostingArmor is fast and simple. To get started, simply provide the scanner with your website address (or IP) and click submit. For more information and to sign up for your own free account, visit