HostingCon 2007 Aftermath

I have one word about HostingCon 2007 – Wow! It was a blast and well worth the trip. Each day was filled with exciting sessions, receptions, parties, and many introductions. I met with some of the prominent leaders in the industry and learned about several unique and innovative products and services being introduced to the market as we speak. Some of the most unique experiences I had were interviewing Gagan Prakash of groupSPARK and Doug Johnson of SWSoft. These companies, like many other exhibitors at the show, are on the forefront of technology and innovative thinking – exactly the kind of unique aspects I look for when searching for stories to include in Ping! Zine.

Aside from interviews I also attended a session where Frank Zamani, CEO and founder of Caspio, presented 45 minutes of revenue boosting features of Caspio Bridge, an application that allows non-programmers to build web based applications without knowing a programming language. Web hosting companies and software developers can increase their revenues and provide faster deployment of custom software by using Caspio’s technology. I also attended a press meeting for R1Soft where David Wartell, founder and CEO of the company, discussed his unique Continuous Data Protection backup software. Forget desktop backup and retrieval, R1Soft’s market is strictly targeted to server backups and data center deployment.

HostingCon was not just about interviewing and attending press conferences. Meeting people face to face in the industry was one of the most rewarding and enjoyable aspects of the show. For example, I met the team from Ping! Zine – Keith Duncan, Jeremy Smith, and Devin White – wonderful people! I also met several industry leaders including Ben Gabler from HostNine, Dave Koston from cPanel, Chris West from CDG Commerce, Matthew Toback from Ubersmith, Chris Danks from Helm, David Lindahl and Sean Richards from TouchSupport, Chris Machut from SCInterface, and many other great people.

If you did not attend this year’s event, make sure you attend next year’s show. It will be well worth your time regardless of your position in the industry. Whether you are just starting a hosting company or you represent a company that provides services to hosting companies, there is a place for you at HostingCon2008. And if you are curious about those unique aspects of the companies I interviewed or sessions and press conferences I attended, and the people I met face-to-face, pick up the next issue of Ping! Zine Magazine and look for my articles.