HostingCon 2007 Organizer Comments on Show

George Roberts is the President and CEO of Interjuncture Corp. and also the creator, founder, and current organizer of HostingCon. In preparation for the next issue of PingZine, I caught up with George and got his thoughts on what will make HostingCon 2007 great.

Here’s what George had to say, ”We’re really looking forward to HostingCon 2007.  Being back in Chicago is great, especially since we’re downtown this year at Navy Pier.  The location really lends itself to enjoying everything Chicago has to offer.  Navy Pier is a great facility, too, and I think the attendees will be really impressed with it.

When we had our advisory board meeting in February, we all came up with the theme of HostingCon 2007 – “The Future of Hosted Services.”  We’ve tried to build a conference program that really focuses on where the industry is going, and I think we’ve really succeeded.  We have a great balance of business-related sessions (marketing, SEO, customer service) and technical sessions (load balancing, hosted messaging, data centers).  A little something for everyone.

We’re extremely pleased with our keynote speakers this year!  Richard Rosenblatt from Demand Media will speak on Monday, and I think his keynote is going to be one that our attendees don’t want to miss.  Tuesday’s panel is really going to be good.  Everyone who attended last year’s keynote panel loved it, so we decided to do a keynote panel again.  This year, we’re focusing on a different topic – service enablement.  We have Serguei Beloussov from SWsoft, David Wippich from Ensim and David Koston from cPanel on board to discuss things from a control panel vendor’s point of view.  We also have Lou Honick from and Sean Richards from Touch Support on hand to discuss things from a hosting company/server support point of view.  Wednesday’s keynote will be something new for us.  We’re bringing in several people to discuss new hosting-related technologies in brief 15-20 minute keynote presentations.  Jinesh Varia from Amazon Web Services will present information on Amazon’s S3 and EC2 infrastructure services.  Chris Gladwin from Cleversafe will be there to talk about distributed storage.  We’ve also received a commitment from Kontiki to talk about P2P Content Distribution Networks.  I think that this is a great way for our attendees to get introduced to some of the new technologies that are starting to come out in the hosted services world.

We’re also trying some new things this year.  We have the new HostingCon Information Network, which will be a series of screens in various locations at the show that will keep attendees updated on what’s happening at the show.  Times and locations of upcoming events, a live Twitter feed to see what people are talking about (text “follow hostingcon” to 40404 or follow, and a live Flickr feed of attendees photos (tag photos “hostingcon2007”) will all be displayed on these screens.  At Monday’s lunch for conference attendees, we’ll have discussion topic signs on the tables to help people find others to sit with that want to discuss a particular topic.  Find a topic that interests you, sit down, and network!

We also have some great networking and after hours events.  Monday evening we’ll have a networking reception at Navy Pier.  It’s a great opportunity to meet and greet others in the industry.  Wednesday evening we have a rooftop barbecue.  This is a GREAT event!  There will be live music, food and drink followed by fireworks over Navy Pier. 

All in all, I think we’re going to have a great event this year.  If you’re involved in hosted services, you need to be here.  It’s the largest gathering of hosted services professionals in the world and the best opportunity to meet them!”

I thank George for his sneak preview comments. You can read many more thoughts and preview ideas in the upcoming issue of PingZine. I also look forward to seeing everyone at HostingCon 2007 in a few short weeks.

This content was written by Derek Vaughan. Mr. Vaughan is a web hosting industry veteran, marketing consultant and writer. Mr. Vaughan has architected the marketing growth of several prominent web hosting success stories leading to acquisition including Affinity Internet, Inc., Aplus.Net and Mr. Vaughan received his M.B.A. from Vanderbilt University and currently serves on the HostingCon Advisory Board. Mr. Vaughan’s writing appears courtesy of the website hosting and reseller hosting experts at