HostingCon 2010: Be There

(Ping! Zine Issue 39) Get ready for HostingCon 2010 in Austin, TX with three days of all-out sessions, keynote speakers, and networking events that will have you begging for more. Monday, June 19 to Wednesday, June 21, exhibitors, speakers, attendees, and guests will be gathering to showcase new products and services, discuss the latest trends in web hosting, and meet new people at some of the best parties you will experience all year. Will you be there? Read on to find out what’s happening at this year’s event.

Whether you are a hosting veteran or new to the hosting industry, you cannot miss this exciting opportunity to learn how you can benefit from the latest technologies, marketing techniques, and business development opportunities. Sessions include how to add value to your business, leverage content delivery networks, strategies for building a customer-focused company, cloud storage adoption, how to establish a strong cloud hosting business, and so much more.

This year’s theme: Cloud Hosting and Cloud Technology

There are nearly 30 sessions scheduled this year on cloud hosting and cloud technology alone. There’s a session that gives you a roadmap to the clouds with tools, guidance, and best practices. Cloud hosting experts will be discussing the anatomy of a cloud, the legal risks and uncertainties in cloud computing, and how to launch your own cloud reseller hosting business. One hosting expert will show you a real world case study on moving to the cloud.

Other sessions include:

  • Becoming Profitable in the Cloud
  • Choosing a Secure Cloud Services Provider
  • Hosting and Cloud Computing: The United States Defense Department
  • Building and Managing Cloud Applications online
  • The Future of Cloud Hosting
  • Hosters and Cloud Architecture

If cloud hosting and cloud technology is or will be part of your organization, there are plenty of cloud related sessions spread across all three days.

Business Development

Hosting companies attending HostingCon 2010 will have plenty of sessions to learn how to improve business. Sessions on business development include opportunities and advantages for hosting resellers, how to boot strap a start-up, how to expand your business internationally, and how to build your most effective data center. There’s also a session on outsourcing infrastructure, a case study for success and a session on understanding data center’s evolution: cloud, colocation, and managed services.

You can learn how to differentiate your hosting business in a saturated market, outsource IT management, leverage hybrid computing for scalability and cost-effectiveness, add online backup as a service, and learn about the future of hosting trends for the small business market. So if you’re into enhancing your business with the latest insight into what the experts are doing in 2010, reserve your spot at HostingCon 2010 now. It’s not too late.

The future of hosting, not just the cloud

Is your mind saturated with endless cloud hosting and cloud technology knowledge? Maybe you want to get your head out of the cloud and learn about hosting in general, or more specifically, the future of hosting. Learn how to be profitable with green hosting or learn how to implement backup strategies to protect your data. Expert hosting companies will be presenting new software where you can manage your dedicated server from anywhere – cool, isn’t it?

Know anything about IPv6? If not, there’s a session on preparing for IPv6 deployment. Or learn more about hosting IP-based telecommunications. And if you’re an ecommerce hosting company, software company, or you accept payments from customers, there’s a session on PCI standards and compliance. Trust us, you want to be PCI compliant.

Marketing, marketing, and more marketing

From social media marketing to search engine optimization to Twitter and Facebook, hosting marketing experts are on hand to show you how to get the most out of today’s marketing trends. Want to find customers through local and mobile search, there’s a session for that too. Want to learn how to engage customers with email marketing techniques? There’s a session for that. Pay Per Click (PPC) has been popular with hosting companies, but now you can learn to go beyond PPC by learning new SEO techniques.

Like most businesses, you want to increase profits. Learn how to increase profits with best marketing practices. Take sales to a new level by optimizing social media for branding, traffic, and sales. Marketing is always a topic of interest to hosting companies and supporting vendors so make sure you attend a couple of marketing sessions and learn how you can improve your own marketing.

Fighting spam

Spam, we’ve all received spam at one point or another. There are multiple sessions scheduled where you can learn how to conquer web-based malware. Or learn how to enhance email and messaging security and performance. And you can even step inside the world of an email spammer and learn their tricks and techniques so you can be better prepared to fight those unwanted emails.

Will you be there?

According to iNet Interactive, this year’s HostingCon 2010 will see even greater numbers of attendees compared to last year’s HostingCon 2009. If you haven’t booked your reservations, now is the time. Don’t delay, otherwise you’ll miss one of the most exciting events in the hosting industry. We look forward to seeing you there. Stop by the Ping! Zine booth and say hi and make sure you enter your name for a chance to win one of six prizes including an iPad, PDA, digital camera, and other exciting gadgets you can claim as your own at this year’s HostingCon 2010.

Author: Dave Young