HostingCon 2011 Kicks Off with Cloud Keynote

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – One of the largest things to effect the hosting industry as of late has included cloud computing. Naturally, it’s also the first keynote issue that was discussed when HostingCon kicked off its annual convention in San Diego, California this week.

In the first keynote address titled “Situation Normal, Everything Must Change,” CSC Leading Edge Forum (an IT research and advisory company) researcher Simon Wardley provided some insight on the issue.

During the presentation, Wardley specifically discussed the stages of concept development, from the initial creation all the way towards the implementation of the concept, noting that the industry has moved from being product-based towards being service-based. He also discussed companies gaining a competitive edge, noting that contrasting products/services isn’t always the answer, expanding the actual size also works.

Concerning the development and deployment of an idea, when the innovation part is over, things move towards the marketing stage, thus becoming less about innovating/creating. They then become more about spreading the service or idea (commercially). It appears that Wardley was basically making the point that things tend to become generalized later on in the process and sometimes lose their competitive edge (as innovation may decrease). Perhaps that’s why it’s important for companies to constantly innovate throughout the entire process, especially when it concerns the development of cloud services.

Such analysis especially relates to the current arena, as more and more companies compete for cloud domination, whether their services specifically pertain to web hosting or whether they involve other forms of cloud storage (including media files such as music).

The discussion appears ever important in the wake of increasing IT costs. Many companies have turned to the cloud as an attempt to reduce expenses. In fact, Wardley points towards an “innovation paradox.” The term possibly shows that some companies are faced with the question, innovate today or plan for tomorrow?

While competing for the present always seems tempting (and sometimes works), it’s also highly important that companies look to innovate down the road. During the speech, Wardley also discussed how order and chaos are both essential to the industry.

HostingCon 2011 concludes on Wednesday in San Diego, California. For more information on the convention, visit: