HostingCon 2012 Wraps Up: Cloud, Payment Processing & Internet Law

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – HostingCon 2012 wrapped up on Wednesday at Boston’s John Hynes Convention Center with a variety of presentations ranging from the current cloud market to law policies affecting the internet.

In a speech titled “Competing in a Rapidly Consolidating Hosting Industry – Small is Beautiful”, ServInt COO Christian Dawson discussed how small-to-medium-sized industry companies could become successful in a market increasingly dominated by big cloud players. Dawson urged attendees to find their “niche.”

Dawson also later returned in the day for HostingCon’s conclusion, joining a panel on Internet legislation. Also participating in the discussion were Google employee Derek Slater, members of electronic rights organizations and two US government employees. The panel talked about a range of issues including which factors were weighed when deciding if particular legislation would have a positive or negative affect on the web’s ecosystem.

The big news came when Dawson announced the new Internet Infrastructure Coalition, a trade and policy organization specifically suited for the hosting industry as a whole.

In another speech, Jon Berry of web host Green Olive Tree discussed Linux and cPanel installations, emphasizing the need for security standards such as firewall configuration in order to keep out would-be attackers.

Another panel discussion occurred earlier in the day when employees of companies including Host Merchant Services, Total Apps, CNP-Solutions, Structure Research and Litle & Co discussed the hosting-centric aspect of payment processing. The participants offered their own ideas on how to reduce costs. Meanwhile, SoftCom’s Elya McCleave focused on customer cloud care in her presentation titled “The Next Evolution in Customer Care – Service Cloud.”

The event was projected to feature more than 2,000 tech professionals. According to a report from, next year’s HostingCon will take place in Austin, Texas from June 17th through the 19th.