HostingCon 2013 Wrap Up: What Made This Year Special

20130618_122209(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Held in the heart of Texas, HostingCon 2013 attracted web hosting industry insiders for three days of networking, discussions on the latest trends and plenty of fun.

A wide variety of tech-related issues were discussed including PaaS, ICANN accreditation, cloud (of course!), customer support, IPv6 and DDoS.

Below we share some of our favorite highlights that made HostingCon 2013 so special:

-Parties: Let’s be honest, the best way to network is to have a good time. Having a good time can mean live music, drinks and more. Both cPanel and SoftLayer kicked off the convention in style, holding a party on Austin’s famous sixth street at Maggie Mae’s. Live music was provided by DJ Z-Trip and The Flametrick Subs.

-Prizes: If you missed out on the race for swag, you probably missed out on some juicy prizes. Attendees scrambled to drop their business cards off at company booths, winning prizes like iPad minis, watches, drones, Apple TVs and even a MacBook Air. Our favorite prize, however, entailed the chance to win remote helicopters by landing one on a landing pad from Dotcom-Monitor (Let’s just say it was harder than it looked).

20130618_130525-Keynote : SAP Business Innovation Leader Maxwell Wessel kicked off the convention by discussing industry evolution in a speech titled “Paradigm Shift: How to React in the Face of Industry Change.” Topics focused on included innovation, competition and how to adapt accordingly.

-Internet 2020: Representatives from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Reddit, the Consumer Electronics Association and more got together for a panel discussion on the fight for Internet freedom. ServInt’s Christian Dawson, a key member of the i2Coalition, was present as well. The internet’s global economy was discussed along with legislation that could positively or negatively affect the web.

-Building Cloud: On Wednesday, representatives of Microsoft, OpenStack, iWeb, OnApp and Flexiant discussed the challenges that come with cloud construction. The session focused on which technology to go with, business and more.

20130619_145151-The Exhibit Hall: This was definitely the place to be. Plenty of hosting providers were present. Such ones included Attracta, Black Lotus, CDG Commerce, CloudFlare, cPanel, CloudLinux, Dell, HP, Idera (R1Soft), the i2Coalition, Jelastic, McAfee, SeverHub, Singlehop, Symantec and oh, so many more.

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