HostingCon Day 2: What do Paul Revere & Today’s Companies Share?

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – HostingCon 2012 continued on Tuesday in Boston with a keynote presentation from 451 Research’s Eric Hanselman.

Hanselman drew from a plethora of experience, working at a company that deals with market research on hosting-relevant areas including data centers, enterprise security, infrastructure, cloud, open source systems and more.

The keynote offered a peak into market projections made available from 451 Research. Among his company’s findings, Hanselman noted that purchasing intent had increased in the recent past thanks to a rise in the popularity of public cloud services.

The issue of cloud management is increasingly becoming challenging for hosting providers. Hanselman emphasized that companies should face these issues head-on, rolling out new services in areas including applications and infrastructure.

Shaping a business’s strategic vision was also on Hanselman’s agenda when he discussed aspects of running a business. Hanselman gave a simplified explanation by comparing the hassle of running a company to similar issues faced by legendary Bostonian Paul Revere amid the threat of the Revolutionary War. After all, HostingCon was in Boston this year.

Hanselman cited issues including service displacement, economic uncertainty, commodization and market woes as just some of the factors Revere and today’s hosting companies had in common.

While Hanselman’s keynote was the big speech during the day, it wasn’t the only thing that occurred. CloudLinux’s Igor Seletskiy discussed steps that should be taken for server securement against attacks. Meanwhile, SoftLayer’s Simon West discussed branding and position in the hosting industry.

HostingCon 2012 was set to conclude on Wednesday with a keynote session featuring employees of ServInt, Google, US government officials and members of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Consumer Electronics Association.