HostingCon From Socials and Sessions

HostingCon 2015 Official Networking Events

Along with the unique educational opportunities provided by HostingCon Global 2015’s sessions with industry leaders, networking is so big at HostingCon that some people consider it the main benefit of attending.  There are four official networking events for HostingCon 2015.

The HostingCon Game Show is sponsored by PhoenixNAP and organized by Cheval Capital, and starts Sunday at 5:00, just after the pre-conference workshops wrap up.  While not an official HostingCon event, PhoenixNAP also hosts theirAnnual HostingCon Bar Crawl, starting at a secret location in the Gaslamp Quarter.

DH Capital presents the Opening Networking Reception on Monday evening in the Convention Center.  The two Networking Receptions are consistently named as highlights by HostingCon attendees.

Right in the middle of the conference is Happy Hour in the Exhibit Hall brought to HostingCon by Digital Realty. Everyone will have just had their first look at Exhibit Hall, and the networking will be in full swing.

The Closing Networking Reception will be poolside at the Marriott Marquis and Marina courtesy of Giglinx, and while it officially ends at 9, who knows when the night’s networking will end?  All in the name of hard work and serious business, of course!

Given San Diego’s well-documented love of beer and the famous night life spots, the networking opportunities at HostingCon will be frequent and fantastic.  Each day’s networking event is included in the pass price, and again, your Full Conference Pass is the best value, giving you all four events.  Early Bird end tomorrow, so register today!

Keep Current With Issues and Trends Track Sessions

The Issues and Trends that will be featured in the educational sessions making up that Track are probably easily guessed by the industry insiders attending HostingCon Global 2015.

Explosive growth in international and emerging markets, the evolution and future of cloud computing, patent trolls, security, encryption and privacy, have been from the headlines to the board rooms in the past year.  For many hosting companies major current issues are the opportunity new SMB customers provide, and how to partner with other service providers to profit from enabling your customers’ success.

On Monday morning ICANN VP, Business Engagement Christopher Mondini will talk about the importance of current debates and processes which will decide the future of the internet – and who will profit from it.

Agatha Poon of Tier1 Research will moderate a discussion on Monday afternoon on the two sides of Asia’s cloud market. With highly connected and developed markets like Singapore encouraging investments while others struggle to join the online world, there are many opportunities, but recognizing them is easier with the perspective of a regional insider.

On Tuesday afternoon a panel of experts will explore the pros and cons of encryption technologies, and how to manage them, moderated by Hilary van der Meulen of the i2Coalition.

Every internet user is affected by at least a couple of the Issues and Trends which will be discussed in this track. It’s probably fair to say that every HostingCon attendee is affected by most.  Getting a handle on new and explosive developments is one of the things separating successful hosting and cloud service providers from the service providers of the past.  Choose a few sessions from this track, and get the handle your organization needs.