Hostway Adds Support for Microsoft WebMatrix

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Hostway Corporation, a global leader in infrastructure and cloud services, today announced a new feature for its FlexCloud Servers—a scalable, on-demand cloud computing solution that combines the flexibility of the public cloud with the reliability and performance of an enterprise-grade virtual environment. FlexCloud Servers now provide support for Microsoft WebMatrix—a new Web development suite that includes everything required for rapid website development using popular open source applications.

WebMatrix installs in minutes and incorporates a Web server, database, and programming framework in an all-in-one integrated experience. WebMatrix will streamline the coding, testing, and deployment of any or PHP website, and also pre-configures and installs the most popular open source applications, including WordPress, DotNetNuke, Umbraco and Joomla!
FlexCloud Servers make it easy to quickly publish websites with WebMatrix. The WebMatrix server image is pre-configured and available in the FlexCloud Server image library. Users simply configure a new server instance using this image and enter the connection information into WebMatrix to upload.

“The new WebMatrix image illustrates the power and flexibility of the FlexCloud platform,” said Todd Benjamin, vice president of enterprise hosting for Hostway. “Users can create server instances from their own or our pre-published library of images, significantly reducing the time, effort, and cost to launch fully-functional applications in the cloud.”

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