Hotmail Bug Wipes Users Email Accounts

(Ping Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Last weekend, several thousand Hotmail users discovered their inboxes had been emptied, causing some to lose many years worth of emails.

According to Digital Trends, Microsoft recently announced that it has resolved the issue which caused inboxes and folders to empty all containing emails. Some Hotmail users also reported they received welcome emails as if they had just created a new email account.

On Monday, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President for Windows Live, Chris Jones announced in a blog post that Microsoft had “restored mail to the impacted accounts.” He also claimed that 17,355 Hotmail accounts had been affected by the issue.

Although Jones didn’t go into details on the cause of the issue, he did say it was the result of a “mailbox load balancing between servers.”

Jones went on to say, “As with all incidents like this, we will fully investigate the cause and will take steps to prevent this from happening again. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused to you, our customers and partners.”