How to Design an Attractive Google+ Page

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – For most people, Google Plus is still a brand new platform, despite being available for nearly two years. Because of this, small business owners often struggle with how to create an effective page, since there isn’t much information out there yet explaining the best practices for a business page on the network. In this article we will go over three basic elements that your small business should be sure to include on your Google Plus presence. It is a social network that is rapidly growing, even if it is not as popular as Facebook or Twitter just yet. It is important to have your page ready for when your customers arrive.

Design a custom cover photo. Even if you already have a Google Plus account for your business, and have a cover photo, this is an important element to reconsider as Google just recently changed the dimensions of this feature. Cover photos can now be up to 2210 x 1192 pixels, which is quite large. By having a customized image that fits this size, it will make your page immediately more attractive, since this is the part of your page that any visitor will see first. Take this opportunity to include your company’s tagline, along with a good photograph of one of your products or services.

Make your company logo your profile picture. The profile photo meshes with your cover image to create the look and feel of your page. If you use the cover photo for a more creative display of your business, utilize your profile photo to show your logo. This will be displayed overtop of the cover image, so you should design that element accordingly. Try not to display the same image in both, however. It is not necessary to have the logo in both, for example, as they are seen simultaneously.

Add the important information. One of the goals for your social media presence should be to drive more traffic to your website, among other things. To accomplish this, don’t forget to populate the “About” section of your profile page with links to any relevant website pages for your business. You should also include a short description of your business and products, to inform all visitors about what your business is all about.

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