How to Expand Your Facebook Following

like11(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – We have written a few articles in the past about how small businesses can increase their Facebook fans. More fans on your social media page can easily translate into more brand loyalty, more website traffic, and more sales conversions. There are some basic elements to the when, what, and how you share content, but in this article we will go over some more creative areas for you to consider. These may be areas that do not seem as obvious, but have good potential for helping to expand your social media reach.

Profile Connections

One of the ways you can promote your business’s Facebook page in a more subtle way is by utilizing yours and your employees’ personal pages. As a small business owner, you can share news about your company within your own personal network, by simply sharing what the business page posts, or tagging the business page in your own status update. This shares the business page with your personal network, so any of your connections who do not currently follow the page have the opportunity to easily ‘like’ it.

Also, Facebook allows personal profiles to link the page directly in their employment information. For example, along with other contact information, the profile would read “Works at Your Company Name.” This would link to your page for anyone in that employee’s network to discover.

Promote Your Page

By ‘promote’ we don’t necessarily mean pay for a sponsored post on Facebook, although that is also an option. We mean you should utilize the communication platforms you already have in place to promote the fact that your business has a Facebook page. This includes on your business cards, in your company e-mail signatures, and an area in the footer of your website that allows people to like the page immediately. This extra visibility will help add followers to your page, because it is simply letting them know that it is there.

Socialize Your Page

Are there other businesses in your area that share the same type of customers, but aren’t direct competitors? Try and reach out to them through the business page so that the two of you can talk about each other and potentially attract new followers. This is especially beneficial in local areas, where many of the small businesses have the same community interests. Comment on the pages of other businesses and share what they have to say and they may be inclined to do the same for you.

What are some other creative ways that you increase followers for your small business?

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