How to Fix Apple iOS 7 Motion Sickness

How to Fix Apple iOS 7 Motion Sickness(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Is Apple iOS 7 actually capable of making people sick? Well, if you’re looking at it from a motion sickness perspective, then the answer is yes.

Some users have complained of headaches, dizziness and even nausea.

iOS 7 notably features new graphic animations which affect how icons and app cards move on the display.

Thankfully, however, if you’re finding yourself becoming sick of iOS 7, there’s a way to correct course (and not to mention, it’s pretty easy).

According to a report from CNN earlier this month, various other sources and users we’ve been hearing from, you can follow the steps below:

1.)    In iOS 7, select “Settings”

2.)    From “Settings,” select “Accessibility”

3.)    Selection “Reduce Motion”

4.)    Congrats, hopefully now you can start using the great features of iOS 7 without becoming sick!