How to Get a Custom Skin For Your Minecraft Character

How to Get a Custom Skin For Your Minecraft Character(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Minecraft is one of the hottest games on the market, available on almost all platforms. One of the things that make this game enjoyable is all of its customization options.

Through DLCs and skin generators, players can add skins to their players to make them into different characters such as a tennis player, prisoner, boxer, movie characters, and so on.

Want to get a customized skin for your character? Follow the instructions below, provided by Minecraft gamepedia.

  1. Log into your Minecraft account
  2. Go to your profile page a d download the reference skin
  3. Edit it how you want and upload the customized skin that can be found on the preference page

Gamepedia also notes that if you play as a single player offline then you can use the “7zip or WinRAR to extract the file named “minecraft.jar” (the location of this file can be found using the “options” button on the Minecraft launcher), enter the sub-folder “mob”, and directly edit the picture “char.png” using your favorite image editing program.”

In order to use this method players must use the same picture size, name, and location as when it was opened or Minecraft will not recognize the file and not work properly.

You can purchase Minecraft skins through various DLCs or from various websites such as MinecraftSkins, PlanetMinecraft, and Minecraft NovaSkin, among many others.