How to Increase Your Followers with the Right Tweets

How to Increase Your Followers with the Right Tweets(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Many businesses that have created Twitter accounts spend most of their energy figuring out how to gain as many followers as possible. This is obviously the goal for anyone with a Twitter page, but what is more important is what content you offer the followers you already have. By making sure that you are providing your audience with tweets that are interesting to them, you can expect your followers to come more easily. Users will ‘retweet’ or mention your business more often, and attract other users who see your tweets posted elsewhere. Below are three general categories to consider with regards to your tweeting style.

One of the most important factors to consider for appealing to your audience is how often you tweet. Even if your content is perfect in every way, flooding your followers’ twitter feeds with constant posts from your company is bound to drive them away. It’s wonderful that you have a lot to share about your business, but you should limit yourself. There are some occasions where you may be ‘live tweeting’ an event, where you provide updates throughout the day, but for typical, everyday tweets, you don’t want to overdo it.

The nature of the ‘language’ of Twitter can become a bit cluttered if not managed appropriately. In only 160 characters, tweets can quickly become cumbersome to read when too many hashtags or links are used too liberally. When tweeting for your business, try to hold off on using a hashtag unless it is used for actually joining a conversation or trying to start a new one. If every one of your tweets includes a hashtag that is only marginally relevant, it may not be received as well as a standard post. Additionally, use link shorteners such as to avoid using too many characters on a single link. For example, if you are sharing a product page from your website, instead of using a chunk of your character limit on something like “”, you can shorten it to something much, much more manageable, and only a few characters.

Finally, make a note of just how social you are being on your Twitter page. This is something that we have touted on the success center in the past. Many customers turn to social media to reach out to a business with questions or complaints (and sometimes compliments!), and if you aren’t paying attention to them or responding, you could be driving away relationships that benefit your business down the road. Communicate with your audience when they reach out to you, and your tweets will be more appreciated and enjoyed.

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