How to List Price Information on Your Website

How to List Price Information on Your Website(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – When displaying your products or services on your website, you have most likely had to make the decision on whether or not to list pricing information. There has always been a debate, across any industry, about withholding the actual price of items on a website. In this article we will discuss what those reasons are, and why you might want to consider displaying the price anyway.

Hiding from Competition
Depending on the industry, some businesses base how they price their products specifically on what their competitors are doing. This leads to many companies being highly secretive about what they are charging for products. This is a typical worry for many small businesses that only share price information by having visitors fill out a lead capture form first. This can work for many customers, but you risk losing other customers that are just trying to do some price comparisons without any kind of commitment. By listing your price information right on the product page, you are making sure you are part of your customers’ research.

Prices Vary too Much
The inability to set an exact price for products or services is a big reason many businesses will not list a price on a website. Sometimes a company’s offering is dependent on the scope of the customer, such as a construction project. This is an understandable reason not to include pricing on your website, however that does not mean you can’t include an estimated range of prices. A customer will at least appreciate seeing something like $399-$599 instead of nothing at all.

Turning Customers Away
Lastly, some business owners are reluctant to list information on the website in fear that the price might turn customers away. On the contrary, it is better to think of this as a way you can draw more customers in. As we’ve referenced already, consumers turn to the internet to research the best deals on products and services. If very few of your competitors are actually listing price information on the website, you could stay ahead of the curve by being one of the only companies that does. Customers will appreciate the transparency of your business and shop with you, rather than an unknown company.

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