How to Make an Infographic for Small Business

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Infographics are quickly becoming important to business blogs and the social media landscape. The social world loves infographics because they are pictures that take a lot of information and make it easily digestible in an illustrative format. Infographics are great for business because they are very shareable. If you create an infographic that is visually appealing and holds valuable information, it will be retweeted on Twitter or shared on Facebook, giving your business more visibility.

Research your topic.

You probably have an idea what information or data you want your infographic to convey. Even if you are using research that your business gathered independently you can still find more information and become an expert on the subject. Remember, if you use information from an outside source you need to cite it.

Create a draft.

Try sketching out how you think the infographic should look. You want your infographic to have a specific beginning, middle and end, and must be simple and easy to follow.

Ensure Relevancy.

Make sure every element, whether it is a statistic or image, is relevant to the story you are sharing. Don’t include off-topic information just because it is interesting.

Put it together.

Infographics in theory may seem like an arduous task, and they can be if you choose to create them from a blank slate on a program like Photoshop. Luckily, there are websites where you can create infographics from a template. While creating your graphic, make sure to focus on charts, graphs and images. They are what capture your readers’ attention, so you want them to be visually stimulating, relevant and relatable to your reader.

Promote your infographic.

First, put the infographic on your website, or your blog if you have one. Then, post it on all of your social media accounts. If it’s relevant, ask a thought provoking question with the graphic and ask your followers to comment or give their opinion.

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