How to Measure Social Media Goals

goals11(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Last week we discussed why it is important to create goals for activity on social media. Now we will explain how to measure the goals you have created. It is essential to not only create social media goals but to measure them in order to determine the return on investment for your small business.

There are a couple of ways to monitor your sales goals on social media. The easiest way is to track all of your links from your social media profiles. This will give you the number of people who click through to see your products or services. This is also an effective way to measure your Web traffic goals. Once they click the link they should land on a specific landing page. Then, you can track sales from that landing page and attribute them directly to social media. Another way to track sales, if you have a traditional storefront, is to keep records of how many people come in and mention a special from your social media profile.

The best way to quantify your goal of improving online reputation is through monitoring the use of your brand name in online outlets. There are multiple ways to do this as a business.  Google Alerts is a software tool that sends you alerts when new results are found matching your search term. Set up an alert for your company name and tagline, and monitor your alerts on a monthly basis and respond to bad reviews in a timely manner.  Another way to measure your online reputation is to monitor Twitter activity on a weekly basis. You can use a twitter monitoring tool or social media dashboard search for this. Create a monthly report where you record whether the response to your company is overall positive or negative.

Customer relations quantifiers for interaction are different depending on the social network you are targeting. For Twitter, you can use the number of direct messages, retweets, followers and favorited tweets. Within Facebook, measure the number of likes, comments, shares, fans, volume, reach, survey responses and virality.

Measuring lead generation goals on social media is also simple to perform. Keep track of any products or services your business develops after following a lead on social media. In order to measure the amount of brand advocates or contributors you gain from social media, keep a list of names. Lastly, keep a running record of the number of sales you create from leads on social profiles.

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