How to Remove a Site from Google’s Index

Removing a Site from Google's Index(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – There could be a number of reasons why one would want to remove a page from Google’s index, to keep the content from showing up in search results. Two likely scenarios could be:

    • A website you own that you would prefer to have removed for reasons such as a product no longer being offered or a location you no longer service.
    • A website owned by another person that is somehow infringing on your business in a negative way.

Removing content from a site that you do not own can be a complicated procedure. Even if you have a legitimate claim for having the content removed, Google has to be certain that the claim is honest and not an attempt to wrongfully harm one of your competitors. And even if Google does have the site removed from its search index, it will still exist on the Web.

Therefore, the ideal way to have content removed is to first attempt contact with the operator of the website directly. Typically, you can find contact information in the footer of a website, if not on a designated contact page. Depending on the reason you wish for the content to be removed, the owner of the site may be willing to simply remove or change the information on the page if requested. If you cannot find useful contact information, you can perform a Whois search to find the right details for a specific domain.

In the case of copyright infringements, however, it is easy to request a page be removed from a Google search by filling out this special form.

For more information on how to remove a site’s content from Google’s search index, read more on the Webmaster Tools help center.

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